I prefer to work in the round and eliminate seams altogether, but sometimes they necessary!  And when that happens the best and only seaming method I use is the Mattress stitch.


Mattress stitch can be used in three different ways:




  • stitch to stitch as in two bound off edges, I.e. Shoulder seams
  • row to row as in side seams
  • row to stitch as in arms to shoulders

Things to remember:








  • stitches have arms – remember when attaching stitches to almost anything you need to go under both arms of the stitch
  • when stitches are in rows they are connected by the bars that run below and beside each stitch
  • when connecting stitches to rows remember that there are more rows in an inch than there are stitches so that when attaching them skip rows to make the seams lay flat

Happy Seaming